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Elixir is the hydrator and energizer for the dynamic metropolite.

Two light-weight drinking vessels sit inside a slam-shut shell. One is optimized for hot liquids, the other for cold.

Elixir fits easily inside a work bag or backpack. The shell provides rugged security to prevent any liquids from getting on your prized possessions.

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The elixir app uses geolocation to provide free drinks to elixir-owners at establishments near them.

When either of the vessels is in use, it reveals a magic code. When this code is scanned with the elixir app, it gives the user a coin.

Users can trade in their coins for gift cards that can be used at beverage-serving establishments near them.

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Look out for elixir on kickstarter, we will be launching there soon.

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Elixir is a non-profit venture by Isaac Malca.

It was conceived in and for NYC, while at the wonderful masters in design and technology program at parsons the new school for design.

Special thanks to: Scott Pobiner, Sarah Butler, Enrique Diaz-Rato, Richmond Young, Reuven Israel, and Ted Byfield.

Most importantly, thanks to my loving family for their endless and unconditional support :)